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Beautiful Website Design Enhanced SEO for this Small Business

Discover how our tailored web design and SEO strategies boosted Kim’s K9’s online visibility and client engagement.

Increasing Bookings Through Strategic Web Design and SEO

Our collaboration with Kim’s K9 focused on enhancing their online presence and driving client engagement through strategic web design and SEO. By conducting thorough customer research, we identified key factors that kept clients returning: a commitment to dog welfare, personalized training, a clean facility, and a happy environment for pets. Leveraging these insights, we crafted SEO-friendly content that highlighted these strengths, resulting in significantly higher search engine rankings and a noticeable increase in training appointments within just six months.

SEO-Focused Website Design

We designed Kim’s K9’s website with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, using ample white space to convey a sense of cleanliness and maintenance. The color palette was drawn from their logo, with rounded corners and bubbly elements to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. This design approach ensured the website was visually appealing and easy to navigate, enhancing the user experience.

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SEO-Focused Copywriting

When writing copy for a website, it's important that you create content that resonates with both people and with search engines. It's easy to cram a bunch of keywords in headings and title tags, but no one wants to read a page like that – an effective web page is one that strikes a balance between writing for humans and writing for the bots.

Based on our customer survey, we emphasized elements important to their clients, such as personalized training and a clean facility. At the same time, we incorporated SEO best practices to ensure the website ranked well on search engines. This dual approach of user-focused content and strategic SEO optimization contributed to the website’s higher discoverability and increased bookings.

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