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Driving Sales with Localized Video Production

Discover how our custom video production boosts sales and streamlines communication for car dealerships
This virtual testdrive for a local dealership increased engagement and drove sales.

We specialize in video production that enhances sales and improves communication with potential buyers. Our recent collaboration with Infiniti of Grand Rapids exemplifies our commitment to delivering impactful video content for local dealerships. With limited manufacturer footage available, we captured stunning driving footage of their new vehicle ourselves, right here in downtown Grand Rapids – giving the video a unique local appeal.

In today’s digital marketplace, it’s essential to provide a clear and engaging product experience. Our team worked closely with Infiniti of Grand Rapids to uncover their unique value proposition and crafted a script that highlighted key features important to their customers. By focusing on the details that matter most – from the sleek body design and powerful engine to advanced features – we created a video that made viewers feel like they were experiencing the car firsthand.

Our approach to video production involved thorough communication with the dealership to ensure we accurately represented their brand and met their sales objectives. By producing high-quality, locally-shot footage, we helped Infiniti of Grand Rapids connect with their audience more effectively and drive sales in a competitive market.

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